Mason Jar planters>>>ORGANIZE, PLANT...FUN!

I love these new little creations of mine, they are perfectly rustic, which as you all know I LOVE.
I have wanted to make these for a while but haven't had the time for it, so I decided today would be the day! So here they are and they are now for sale at our new store
They are only 19.99 and that comes with your choice of paint or just leave it naturally distressed like mine!
Here are few pics so you can see it all of it's glory:)

 You can check this little re-purposed beauties and more of my items on my website...we love making items that are re-purposed and can be re-loved!

Organize your home with up-cycled Items!!

I have a lot of stuff! Between me and my husband and my kiddos and small space we can generate a cluttered mess. I home school my kids and I work from home so I have a business/ elemtarty school in a small space organization is a must. But organizing can be expensive buying those crappy plastic compartments and tubs it seems a little ridiculous to just simply keep your home neat. So I have found some tutorial to help de-clutter your home and I will show you my little up-cycled are to!

Boxes are a great way to organize, I get plenty of them and you can usually get people to give you them for free. Here are some tutorials to make your boxes prettier and useful in organization!

You can read this box to awesome storage tutorial here 

DIY Tutorial: Circular bookshelve made of cardboard. @Katrina Swiney
This is really cool cardboard tutorial making shelves here
You could make this any size and shape

Make your magazine or paper holder from cardboard boxes here

Make your own cardboard furniture here  There are several really
cool ideas at that site.

Pretty cardboard storage here

2. Milk jug Love
Turn your milk jug into some cool space savers!

Tutorial here

More milk jug love here

3.Organize and decorate with Mason Jars 
This is a great resource for all kinds of really cool ways to use

4. Organize with CANS!

Awesome organization with CANS here
Bling Storage
Some reall cool Gardening organizing/decorating all up cycled here

tin can storage

5. Pallets for fun!! I LOVE PALLETS
Here is one of my all time favorites pallets, they are so easy to get
and with some simple tools you can start making some spectaclar
home organization!

pallet bookshelves
Wooden pallet bookcase!!
Pallets  Now this one works for me.  Bingo!!!!

Ok that is it for now I think my next post will decorating your home with up-cycled items
it should be really fun....if you liked this post you should check out
some of these other cool tutorials

1.How to up-cycle into sensational items you can use at home!
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4.RubbishTalk: Will You Be Forced To Up-Cycle?

Holly, Jolly Eco Holiday!! Fun Holiday Diy !!

Ok I feel like I haven't been posting as much lately, I am going to get back into the groove of things though I have just been super busy lately with orders, which is fine with me:)
 I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, I love a Holiday that you get to take off work to over eat! Since it is officially after Thanksgiving it is time to immediately go into the Christmas way of thinking, I love it everyone I know put up a Christmas tree today, I think we are more excited about Christmas , it is like Thanksgiving on steroids, because we get more time off the same big dinner and we get gifts!! So lets get  into to the Christmas spirit by kicking it off with so fun eco-holiday Diy!!

  Here is my list, I'm not checking it twice:) I know I am a dork!

cork planters1.I always seem to list terrariums, I know I just love them and the are so easy to make, but I am pretty sure you get the point ....I LOVE TERRARIUMS! So I have graduated to this, Cork planters. These cute little cork planters would make the best little inexpensive gift, you could make like 20 in no time and have your whole family and friends covered and I am pretty sure they will love them!
You can follow a really cool tutorial here for it

2. This is great for all the women in your life(maybe men) But sugar/salt scrubs are perfect and so easy to make, they hardest part is finding what you will put them in. I like mason jars they are classy yet rustic. Here is a simple sugar/salt scrub recipe
Simple Sugar/Salt scrub
Brown sugar/sea salt
sapphire oil
Vitamin E oil
** you can add your own essential oils to make them smell yummy

3.Buttons to wreaths, I have..If you have buttons like my mother does this wreath would make the perfect holiday gift for someone!
Crafts With Buttons

4.Burlap Roses
Here is a way to give flowers that will last all year, and fit any decor!
5. Have a little gift and make your own little envelope using up-cycled scrap paper for it... Tutorial here

6.Diy up-cycled Holiday cards---For a personal touch most people will adore a handmade card well over a store bought one. Honestly do we really even care that much about the card? I dunno, I get them and just don,t feel the warm fuzzies when someone picked one out of a sea of pre-made Hallamark cards...Handmade is the way to get through and showcase your skills!
 1. You can make you own paper from up-cycled paper: Tutorial
 **homemade paper is the best it has great texture and you will have people amazed at your paper making skills!  here is somemore great tutorials for handmade cards that will knock there socks off!!                                                                             

7.Pringles can Makeover!! So this inspired me, to share something that I had done once. You can
decorate the pringles can and dip the pringles in yummy bakers chocolate to make a sweet gift! Trust me cant go wrong with salty sweet!

More Christmas Gift Ideas!

Whoo-Hoo..If you do all those projects you should have plenty of holiday cheer, to hand out this year!!
I hope you enjoyed I will talk to you all soon!

I want to introduce the very first featured shop on Rubbishlove, I hope you take time and read these, I think that it is really cool that in the handmade community that you are not just buying a product you are also meeting a real person and creating friendships. I wanted people to be able to get know who is behind making these wonderful handmade gifts. So everyone, thanks so much for stopping by I want to introduce the Kismet Love collection and here is the story of how Kismet came to be by the wonderful owner her self Shelly!

Shelly's story....
I’m the proud owner of KISMET LOVE COLLECTION. I decided to start my little adventure after my son was born a micro-preemie, weighing only 1lb 8 oz. Even as a tiny little baby he had so much strength and fight in him, he is the bravest person I know. AJ made me realize that life is too fragile and short to not take risks and follow your dreams.
            This is why I decided to take my life into my own hands and do something that I always wanted to do. I’ve been a crafty person ever since I can remember so when the idea of making bracelets for others came to me, it seemed so natural.
            I really wanted a name that was personal to me. KISMET means destiny; fate, I truly believe that I was meant to make these items and share them with the world. I also choose LOVE because I make all my items with love and I’m more than happy while making my bracelets. COLLECTION means exactly as you see it, a group of things. So what does KISMET LOVE COLLECTION means to me? It means a collection of items that I love and was meant do make. I hope you enjoy wearing my bracelets as much as I enjoy making them.

You can visit Kismet Love Collection  here:
Check out her facebook :

Shelly is also currently running some really great black friday/cyber monday sales
  you can check here Etsy store out for all the details which is listed above.

I want to thank Shelly for letting us talk about her for a bit and, we apperciate her making her wonderful bracelets.
Thanks everyone for reading I hope enjoyed getting to know a handmade artist......and don't forget to buy handmade!!

Love you all,

Why shopping handmade effects you and our Economy

Hello everyone I hope you are all doing well this Holiday season. It is always an exciting time of year, decorating and planning for the holidays. I know that one of the biggest past times for this season  is exchanging gifts. As we go out this year and cross off another item from our Christmas gift list I want to talk about something that is really important to me and once I am done, you will see how it is important to you as well.
 It is Christmas and giving is the goal and love and peace on earth is what is on everyone's mind as we near December 25th. We gather and exchange gifts to show we care and love on another, we eat wonderful food together and talk about how the year has treated us and all the ups and downs seem to come to a close and hope is on its way close in on new year.  I love how this season brings people together and softens the hearts of even the coldest person, But then again  maybe not.There are those who have for decades used this time of year against us, the consumer and have made unbelievable amounts of money. Now, you are probably wondering what the big deal is, we know Wal-mart makes tons of money..

Here is the big deal..
If anyone knows how money is made and dealt with in America they know that the government does not own our money or control it. But I am I not going in to that I would rather you all research yourself and find out on your own. So, who own our money?
  • The Federal reserve 
  • The banks
  • Mega corps
They own it and control it and can get as much as they want of it.
So when we buy from huge mega companies our money does not go back into our pockets it does not go back into our Economy it does not help us at all! It goes back to the people that already have a magnitude of money. Also when we buy from them we are making are all mighty dollar less and less valuable. Why? because they stick it in there banks and that creates more money because the banks use that money to make more loans for more rich people.. for every deposit made into our banks 9 loans can be made and loaned out to others..this causes there to more and more money in circulation and causes our money to worth less and less..
There is more.....
So what happens when our money is worth less and less...Prices go up and up! When prices go up....who pays?
Do you think that the Mega-corps care whether things are expensive, most of them have so much money you wouldn't catch them at a Wal-mart if there life depended on it. We pay for rising prices and we pay with the money that we work our asses off for. We pay for them to do what they want as we struggle to make ends meet.

So why should we shop handmade?
Instead of putting the money back into the hands of the people who have destroyed our economy we can put it back into the hands of those who will use it to boost our economy to help us in-turn it helps everyone! When you buy handmade you help create work and jobs for those just like you and me instead of letting the rich get richer you help local communities and small business who in-turn buy from other local businesses and other small businesses. Wal-mart does not buy from these places they buy from China, so not only does it not help us boost our economy we get to pay top dollar for a crappy product, that is designed to only last less than a few years and loses its value as soon as its placed on the shelves.

So lets recap...
Buying from Mega-corps makes us the American citizens work harder and spend more for a cheaper product that kills our economy and in-turn makes the price of the crappy product go up higher and higher and make you spend more and more..

Make a pledge..
This is your choice and everything that I have told you is 100% true and if you don't believe then you can look it up yourself, you will astonished by the way we are treated in our country!
This year I am starting a pledge to shop and buy handmade and local!  You can make a choice to change our economy and our lives by doing this! I encourage you to share this with everyone you know..It's time to step up and make a change in this country  by simply choosing this!

Please make the pledge...
Share with everyone!!

I have started a Pinterest  board that is called Handmade holiday and if you follow it I will add you to pin your own handmade favorites. You can also share this with others to so they to can buy and shop handmade and see all the amazing products and people that are involved!

Click here to go to the board and follow and I will add you to start pinning!!

I also have included this badge you can put on your Facebook, blog and twitter it everywhere and where it proud lets make a change today!!!

Introducing my newest creation and newest item to my Etsy store: The Luminary Custom sign. This is called Luminary because of the meaning that the person is of eminence value. I wanted people to take someones name which is used to identify us, and turn it into a powerful description of the persons character. In this example I used my daughters name Leila.
        I love being able to make signs that make someone feel good, I like to inspire and spark people to understand that they are wonderful! This sign does just that lifts and encourages, the person who is reading it. You can get a customized Luminary sign from my Etsy store for 35.00 it is approx 10"(L) 17" (H)
 I love this sign it is bright and whimsical! I hope you stop by shop and take a look around! Thanks so much!!


Handmade Holiday Gifts--Leave the work to me!!

 Are you ready to sit back and enjoy the holidays? I know that it can be a hassle to think about the list of people you need to get gifts for, why not leave the work to me and you can relax and get all thanks!
  I am offering a gift set via my store on etsy
  That includes:
-2 handmade customized signs
-gift wrapped separately(or together)
-personalized gift tags with message

All this shipped to your door for 25$!
That is right you can get to handmade holiday gifts ready to put under your tree sent to your door step!
Need more signs...No problem I can accomadate any sign order and will give reduced rate the more you
order....I am just trying to make the holidays a little less stressful

How to up-cycle into sensational items you can use at home!

Diy house decor is always fun, But I want to turn up-cycling into something everyone likes because it looks so sensational! I want the pieces we up-cycle to look like something straight out of the pages of a magazine and why shouldn't it? Just because we have deemed something trash does not mean that is is a hideous filthy thing that part is totally in our heads. So it is time to change the thoughts in our heads a little from negative to positive and start creating beautiful pieces from wayward pieces. Lets get started and look at some up to the minute pieces that we can start making today!!

 1. For those of you who have wine bottles and glass bottles this is a fantastic way to cut them all you need is butchers rope, acetone and sandpaper check it out it is amazing over  here 
I will be defiantly  trying this very soon!!

Ok I post these types of tutorials a lot I know but they are some of my favorites ever and I think they just look so great and I don't know how many times I have come across an ugly mirror that I could have done this with and never did!! Errrrr... You can check this tut here.

Ok I am a mason jar to say I like just anything up cycled....but this a list of 50 ways to upcycle
mason jars into Tremendously beautiful unique pieces!


Crazy cool ways to up cycle light bulbs I love it ....
Pinned Image

Window shudders are great way to spruce up your home!!
Here are some great ways to upcycle them
Ok I am going to break there for now that is a lot of tutorials to take in...but there will be more soon!!

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