A little about Rubbishlove

Hello everyone welcome to the Rubbishlove blog! My name is Shana and I created this site and the shop because of my love for up-cycling items and making beautiful custom signs from reclaimed wood. It all started in a little garage in Robertsdale, AL where I found some scrap pieces of wood. I started building and painting them until I soon had furniture and signs everywhere. I needed more wood and found that with a little digging that there was reclaimed pieces everywhere. With these pieces I was able to make one of a kind signs and items. Not to long after this, I started my online store and it seemed like overnight I began to sell signs. I have enjoyed making signs and hunting for the perfect reclaimed pieces that I can salvage. There is nothing like creating a business that encompasses everything you love!

About Shana and the Fam! 

Here is a little more about me and the people whom I do everything for:) I am married and have been for 10 years to my amazing husband Doug. We where married when I was 18 and have had 2 beautiful kiddos along the way. Aden who is 9 and Leila (Lay-la) who is 8. Our little family has been through the worst of times and the best but we stay close and loving always, working to make the best out of all situations. Currently we are living near Tampa Florida, which is amazing! We had been living in Ohio( my home state) for a few years and I do not miss the brutal winters. We also own a housecleaning business here in Florida and some days you can catch me cleaning or working on the other website and PR and other days you can catch me painting signs. But everyday is spent doing something I love. 

Thanks for reading a little about me! Tell me a little more about yourself I would love to hear it!!

HOLA! That is me Shana Marie chilln' at the beach

My mini me's! Aden and Leila

Mother /Daughter selfie

Mi' Amor!! Dougie!!!

Love of my life!

and we do this a lot..lol

Glad I found someone as weird as myself

My beautiful babies <3

and we passed that weirdness on to these to kiddos

First day of school for my kiddos Aden is in 4th grade and Leila is in 3rd