Why shopping handmade effects you and our Economy

Hello everyone I hope you are all doing well this Holiday season. It is always an exciting time of year, decorating and planning for the holidays. I know that one of the biggest past times for this season  is exchanging gifts. As we go out this year and cross off another item from our Christmas gift list I want to talk about something that is really important to me and once I am done, you will see how it is important to you as well.
 It is Christmas and giving is the goal and love and peace on earth is what is on everyone's mind as we near December 25th. We gather and exchange gifts to show we care and love on another, we eat wonderful food together and talk about how the year has treated us and all the ups and downs seem to come to a close and hope is on its way close in on new year.  I love how this season brings people together and softens the hearts of even the coldest person, But then again  maybe not.There are those who have for decades used this time of year against us, the consumer and have made unbelievable amounts of money. Now, you are probably wondering what the big deal is, we know Wal-mart makes tons of money..

Here is the big deal..
If anyone knows how money is made and dealt with in America they know that the government does not own our money or control it. But I am I not going in to that I would rather you all research yourself and find out on your own. So, who own our money?
  • The Federal reserve 
  • The banks
  • Mega corps
They own it and control it and can get as much as they want of it.
So when we buy from huge mega companies our money does not go back into our pockets it does not go back into our Economy it does not help us at all! It goes back to the people that already have a magnitude of money. Also when we buy from them we are making are all mighty dollar less and less valuable. Why? because they stick it in there banks and that creates more money because the banks use that money to make more loans for more rich people.. for every deposit made into our banks 9 loans can be made and loaned out to others..this causes there to more and more money in circulation and causes our money to worth less and less..
There is more.....
So what happens when our money is worth less and less...Prices go up and up! When prices go up....who pays?
Do you think that the Mega-corps care whether things are expensive, most of them have so much money you wouldn't catch them at a Wal-mart if there life depended on it. We pay for rising prices and we pay with the money that we work our asses off for. We pay for them to do what they want as we struggle to make ends meet.

So why should we shop handmade?
Instead of putting the money back into the hands of the people who have destroyed our economy we can put it back into the hands of those who will use it to boost our economy to help us in-turn it helps everyone! When you buy handmade you help create work and jobs for those just like you and me instead of letting the rich get richer you help local communities and small business who in-turn buy from other local businesses and other small businesses. Wal-mart does not buy from these places they buy from China, so not only does it not help us boost our economy we get to pay top dollar for a crappy product, that is designed to only last less than a few years and loses its value as soon as its placed on the shelves.

So lets recap...
Buying from Mega-corps makes us the American citizens work harder and spend more for a cheaper product that kills our economy and in-turn makes the price of the crappy product go up higher and higher and make you spend more and more..

Make a pledge..
This is your choice and everything that I have told you is 100% true and if you don't believe then you can look it up yourself, you will astonished by the way we are treated in our country!
This year I am starting a pledge to shop and buy handmade and local!  You can make a choice to change our economy and our lives by doing this! I encourage you to share this with everyone you know..It's time to step up and make a change in this country  by simply choosing this!

Please make the pledge...
Share with everyone!!

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shana grant