Introducing my newest creation and newest item to my Etsy store: The Luminary Custom sign. This is called Luminary because of the meaning that the person is of eminence value. I wanted people to take someones name which is used to identify us, and turn it into a powerful description of the persons character. In this example I used my daughters name Leila.
        I love being able to make signs that make someone feel good, I like to inspire and spark people to understand that they are wonderful! This sign does just that lifts and encourages, the person who is reading it. You can get a customized Luminary sign from my Etsy store for 35.00 it is approx 10"(L) 17" (H)
 I love this sign it is bright and whimsical! I hope you stop by shop and take a look around! Thanks so much!!


shana grant