Short, Easy tutorial on Lighting setup for Etsy Pics......

Pictures are the heart and soul of the Etsy community, they are what your customer see's first before they decide to purchase your product. This makes the pictures the most important aspect of your Etsy store, ( or any other place you may sell) So how can you capture beautiful photos of your products? Well its Simple, if you understand a few things about taking photo's:
-First of composition is everything, make sure that your item is the center of attention and nothing else is overpowering it. When you look at your photo make sure that your eye is draw towards your product and not another part of the photo. 
-Light is KEY! you must have good lighting to have a great picture, try to use natural lighting, you can setup by a window or out side, just remember keep out of direct sunlight it will overexpose your photo I  Will show you my 3$ setup that works for me...

Lovely, huh I use Tracing paper to cover the window behind the item, and I put tin foil on a piece of cardboard to make a reflector. I adjust the reflector to add more or less light to the item. This set setup gives the items the perfect amount of light, for me. But always remember to experiment, the rules where made to be bent!
 -Last , but still extremely important, you need to need to understand your camera, take a picture of the same thing on different setting so you can see the difference, Learn to manually White balance your camera and also adjust the EV setting these two little settings can change your photography in a big way!!

Well that is it...Told you it was short and easy, you should be shooting awesome pics in no time!!
Let me know if this helped you at all!! comment with the your experience!!

shana grant