Making folded paper books..Cool home decor and Upcycling project

Aren't Folded Books so interesting looking, I love them and I happened on some great tutorials on folding them so I hope you enjoy!. I love the way this looks it is a elegant and classy look that you can add to any room of your home and they are of course super fun to try!


1. Choose a book to fold. Cheap is good-this cost me $.25 at a yard sale.

2. Rip off the front & back covers, then make your first fold-in this case a triangle

3. Make any additional folds in the page. We fold the top down as well to complete the triangle.

4. Repeat.

5. Repeat again.

6. Repeat yet again.
Completed Folded Book
7. Until all pages are done!
This very simple pattern used the entire novel and took me about 2 hours to fold mindlessly while watching TV.
To make this version:

This is my favorite thing to organize all those little 
scraps of papers, photos, CD's, coupons, etc....
I began with a book, it can be any book ~
colored pages, old pages, pretty pages, large or small pages....
I removed the front cover and used it as my base.... 
I taped the edges with Washi Tape for a 
decorative edge...

I folded the pages of the book in half....

every page....

until I ended up with this...

Then using hot glue, glued the folded book pages
onto the cover...
Love the Washi Tape with writing for this!


1. I am showing you how to fold the book pages using a newspaper. Go ahead and practice on one to get the feel of it.

2. Fold the right hand corner down to the center. Your book page is more rectangular - so the right hand corner will not reach the bottom of the book like pictured here with the newspaper.  Once you have done the first fold, take the bottom right hand corner and fold the page over to the middle.

3. The page will extend beyond the book.

4. The folded page needs to be flush with the unfolded book bottoms. You can cut the excess folded book page off or fold the excess upward.

5. Continue on with the rest of the book.

Once you have finished the thirty pages - you have one tree half. Make the other half. Run a strip of hot glue down the spine of the tree and adhere both halves together.
*FYI* - I trimmed two of my trees at the bottom so that they are all different heights. I trimmed 3/4 of an inch off one, and 1 1/2 inches off the other. I trimmed them while they were in the "half" stage.
I have pinned a book tree that was displayed on pretty candle holders. It was very pretty so I did the same thing - only I used smaller candle holders. I made my stars out of cardboard, inked them and hot glued them to the tops. 

Book Folding Tutorial

Here I did a simple folding which is just folding the pages in half in the same direction. It's so easy to make! It only took me about 15 min, but it depends on how many pages the book contains. I would like to mention that a book with 600 pages would be too difficult to manage. The first picture on the page was made with a book of 600 pages, but I had to rip out the last 50 pages because the pages started to rip at  the top while folding and the book became very heavy.

Let see if you can do this!

Now I am going to show you a very simple fold that has a dramatic effect.
First, you want to start with using a paperback book. Tear off both covers from the spine. 
2. Fold the first page into a triangle.

3. On the following page, fold the top part to form a 90 degree triangle.

4.Again make a triangle on the next page.

5. Now do a 90 degree triangle from the bottom of the following page.

6.Keep alternating and repeating the pattern until you get to the end of the book. 

Hope you enjoy these and let me know if you tried them or came up with your own!!

shana grant