Thrifty Fun!!

I don't know how most of you feel about going to the thrift store, but I absolutely love it. I would rather go thrifting than go to the mall, I know it's weird! I think that it is the challenge of looking for something to reinvent and give new life, and love it when someone says to me
 "that is so cute where did you  buy that?" and I say
" Thrift store!"
 So yea I like thrift stores and there is a lot you can get from them for little to nothing, if you are into vintage items thrift stores are can be a secret stash of all things vintage you just have to be willing to look through and find the stuff. I am going to show you some thrift store finds..
Here is a great example: 

To Big Boho to Hippie chic...

how to upcycle thrift store finds
Marisa Turns Thrift Store Finds into New Career 

Old Frames ,New frames
how to upcycle thrift store finds 

Sweater Leg warmers( easy to make I have ALOT)

Maybe in a different color 

Oversized Sweater into cute fall coat
DIY = Old Large Sweatshirt + Buttons + Sewing Machine. That is really cute.
Lets stop here for a  moment those last two I showed you where upcycled but also from Etsy stores they are selling these little beauties! That sweater is 130.00$ If you can learn to make something it really pays off!!

Alright back to business...
 Tea for two planters
this is so cute and shabby chic you can pick up some old teasets for 
between .10 cents and 1$  
3. Vintage china 
 Colander Planter!

6. Kitchenware 

 Spray painted relics.....
Anything can be painted and given a whole new look
 After :
tori spelling craft spray paint 
 Stock up on anything lace because you can make anything elegant with some lace!
 Lovely lace.....

Just remember to keep an open mind, you can remake anything! you just have to find the something that inspires you! I think I am going to have to go thrifting now, see ya later!!


shana grant