Today is valentines day and love is in the air!! My Facebook is filled with pics of people receiving beautiful gifts from the ones they love and my kids and I made cards for people today. ( If you would like to read more about my homeschooling go here)
So I was inspired to to do a post on easiest DIY gifts. If you are in a pinch or are low on funds you can still make something that they will love:)

I did a post a while back on my easy to make sugar scrub you can find the link here.
This is a great idea, use a piece of wood, either stain (or paint it if you don't have stain) add your picture and cute saying....WAHHH-LAA! If you don't have a graphics program like photoshop, you there are free graphic editors you can get like:


These are beautiful and most of have a spare fork lying around:) This is a video tutorial on how to make it.

Who would have thought it but the cutting board has become one of the most popular gift items of the year....and the best part is they are SUPER easy to make:) Click here for tutorial


Simple to make the most beautiful candle holders of the year!!

I hope you enjoyed! If you did please comment and share:) 


DIY handmade business...Become a successful business owner!

We all have seen the boom in the handmade marketplaces, people all over the world our jumping on the band wagon of entrepreneurship and I think it is going to be what saves our economy. I may be jumping to conclusions but with the decline of college grads snagging careers in there chosen fields this is something that lets anyone who has the dream to jump aboard. Now I think people think this may be something that is fairly easy to do and I would say no, not easy but it can be incredibly fun and rewarding with a little attitude adjustment anyone can be a success.
What do you need to start your business???
First and foremost you must have the desire to want to start a business, with out this you are dead in the water with no fuel for your boat. Your desire is what drives you and keeps you going. Do you know why most businesses fail??? They give up to quickly. Yes there are trouble and there will be things that you do not like, but if you can't overcome these things you will never learn and grow into the business you want to be. I have been open about a year and half and I have made plenty of mistakes and with in those mistakes I have learned sooooo much and that will make me that much more confident the next time a problem comes up, or will prevent a problem from happening all together. If you want to do something bad enough then you will take the ups and the downs and go on. Do you know how many times Edison failed before he invented the light bulb? 1000 times! 
That is the same with most successful inventors they didn't have an idea do it once and succeed, no they failed a lot but the difference is they kept going. So if you want to do this you must keep going!

Next you need to find something that you are really good at, everyone has something they are good at and you do to. We all do, we all do something better than someone else you just have to find that thing. Whether you are crafty or are great at giving advice , if you have a skill there is a need for that skill.Pick the skill, develop the skill as much as you can, this creates confidence in your work and someone who is confident in there work WILL sell it.

Where do you sell?? Well there are so many places and opportunities online to sell these days, you  don't even have to have any real capitol to start. I started my business with nothing, yep that is right nothing! I had just moved and I was pretty down and out, this was last hope to do something amazing and I decided it was all or nothing. I started on Etsy and grew to my own site and now I put my stuff everywhere I can because, it means more exposure and it works you may not see the effects right off the bat, or maybe you will be it all that effort does come back around.Any effort put out will definitely come back to you in a good way. Online it is so easy to go viral all it takes is a video or a good picture or an article and your stuff can be spread like wild fire through the internet.

Becoming successful is a state of mind and being pessimistic will not get you where you are going, you must believe in what you are doing! You must also be ALL in! What do I mean by this?? It means you are willing to make up your mind and decide that you will do what it takes to make this succeed. Now that may sounds a little scary, you know there will be obstacles but most of them come an go and disappear with out much effort.

Ok here are some down right good info to making your business GROW....

First where ever you decide to sell here a few options that I have tried and liked: ( starting out this is the whiz-bang! This is the best for immediate traffic and you could be selling as soon as you open your new shop, if you have the right keywords in place, I will talk more about that below) ( I loved this place it was least expensive and I got a lot of views but I didn't sell as much here, but that does not mean you won't. I did a girls blog who sold on here and had many sales daily) ( I love this one also and I got great views, there wasn't any paypal for payment which some of you may like and design was a snap) This is my current home and  I love the ease of everything, they have a lot of apps to help make your store appear very professional, my views where not right off the bat great but I changed up some keywords and with average views I make A LOT  of sales! ) ( I love this one also it is completely free and I get a lot of views but have not sold anything, there are folks who sell lots of stuff on here, it all comes down to research who is shopping here)

The proof is in the pudding!
Do research with other similar products/services this is going to give you a real life example of what you can do and the best place to do it at. This also gives you something to expect in your own business if you service/products our comparable then you to can be sitting in the same boat. Don't let competition discourage you,let it inspire you knowing that you will just as great! Plus there are A LOT of folks in the world and more each day, you will never lack an abundance of customers you just have to see it that way:)

I am not a keyword or SEO guru I have done my research and found what works for me.
I find that 5-7 good keywords per listing/page is all you need for fantastic search results
If you have no clue what I am talking about you here are some good tools for quick and 
easy research, because I must stress this is important.  This is a week free trial and it is all you really need to the research. I used it and it helped my site SO much. They explain what you are looking for and make it easy to quickly pick tons of great keywords for your site. 
 Keywords don't work immediately for traffic give them about 2 weeks to work there magic and you will be seeing an influx in traffic if you have done your research correctly.

Social media
Social media is your friend and you can use it to make your products and service go viral...use these avenues and you will see some amazing results! ( create a page invite some friends, encourage your friends to share your page. Kick backs are always good incentives if you can offer something free people will love you and be happy to share! ( people love a pretty picture, make sure you are taking good pictures and you can post, post, post and people will repin, repin, repin fanstastic source for traffic) ( I love blogging, create blog and share your day to day life with your business post product ideas and support others, good info is worth a lot) something I just discovered it is a like a store on social media and it is CRAZY awesome I have got a ton of traffic posting my items on her. I always link back to my main store though for more traffic.

There are many more social media sites out there and each one that you put your stuff on is another chance of a sale! Do not think that what you are doing is not bringing you any return because one day soon you will find people flocking from all these sites.

Ok so that is my adivce for all you new entrepreneurs, I hope to hear that you are all successes!
If you have any questions or need any help please contact me I would love to help you grow or start your business. I am full of ideas and advice for all and truly believe that we can all win and suceed if we all help each other!
NEVER, NEVER give-up! 
Did you know that all of our inventions and conveniences have been made from about 3% of the worlds population of all time??? That means do not listen to the majority because they are not what created what we all enjoy listen to your desire and know you are a success! 

 ~I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”
Thomas A. Edison

~Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.”
Mark Twain

XOXO ~Shana 


5 Favorite items from FrenchcountryLove

I have a wonderful friend of mine who I featured about a month back here. She has a beautiful little 
boutique that features cottage inspired items and there is nothing I don't like about her shop. She has added some new products that I adore and I wanted to share them with you because I think you will love them to!

5.Chalk board picture frame

4.spindle chair

3.Vintage End table

2.French country bench

And my number one all favorite item....


1.Drop Cloth area rug

Why are these my favorite??? 
Well these are beautiful original hand painted rugs. They are the perfect addition to anyone's home. They add a soft touch that immediately brightens and quiets your room by giving it that perfect cottage look.

Please visit my gorgeous friend Gayle here: FrenchCountryLove tell her Shana sent you:))

Always remember to spread the love post, pin, tweet and share:))

I love you all~Shana

Pumpkin Chai BABY, DIY......Make the best damn chai at your home...

Ok I am coffee fanatic I have been I think since I was born, I can't say for sure but I know as far back as I can remember I have been drinking coffee. As a child around the age of 5 I remember being dropped off over at my grandma's and grandpas early in the morning before my mom would go to work. They would still be in there pj's sipping on there coffee. I always loved the smell and everything about coffee so I wanted to sip coffee too. Well My grandma would make me a cafe au lait( I didn't know that then) which is simply coffee and milk( I got mainly milk). But that drink I LOVED, I can still remember they way the maxwell house tasted and the amount she used of each. Now days I pretty hardcore, I drink my coffee black and have since around the age of 8 or so. I also drink coffee all day for the most part, I LOVE it.
I loved it so much that even was a barista for the first part of my 20's and would still do if someone asked. My dream which I am sure will happen because I am destined to it, is to own a coffeeshop. I know all those crazy science about brewing the perfect cup of coffee, I know how to make a FANTASTIC latte and what happens after certain temperatures. I know that espresso has about a 10 sec life-span of preserving the flavor and you need to get it into milk FAST you loose ALL that flavor and it becomes bitter. Yes I will own a coffee-shop:)

Ok so I wanted to start sharing some of my info because everyone else seems to love coffee as well. So today I want to share my secret to AWESOME chai at home and pumpkin chai!

To start, I want to let everyone know that chai does have caffeine in it and a little more than a regular cup of coffee so if you are sensitive to caffeine please be careful!

My favorite chai mix of all time is found at Sam's club. It is called mystic chai, you have to get this kind it is the best out there that I have had. It is a powered chai, I am not a fan of liquid chai's at all, I kinda think they are gross.

But get mystic chai, if you can find it email me and I will go to Sams club and get it for you and ship it to...and I am serious!
No one should live with out chai!

Chai is quite simply to make and you can kinda develop your own recipe as you go but here is how I have ALWAYS made it and gotten rave reviews.

-16 oz cup ( fall color preferably:-)

- 2 scoops of mystic chai

-HOT water ( enough to go over the chai powder, we don't want it watery. This step is to make sure the chai powder is mixed)

- Fill the rest of the way with milk and mix

Now depending on how you drink it...I like it iced:)

I will add less milk and ton of ice, then mix it with a spoon to make the perfect iced chai.

Here is the best part....
-Add cool whip, or your choice of whipped topping!
- Add cinnamon on top ( This ties the whole thing together)

To make pumpkin chai:
You can add that pumpkin creamer I taught you to make last week and subsitute half the milk for half of the is OH SO GOOD!
Or if you have store brand, it tends to be sweeter I would add about a quarter  and the rest milk and taste it.

DIY Shabby cottage pin board---Easy! The original Pinterest!

Happy Monday to you all, I wanted to start the week out right with a simple tutorial that I know you will love....Shabby cottage pin board that I am calling the original Pinterest! So I hope you enjoy this little tutorial and makes lots of pin boards to fill you walls!!

I wanted to show you my new space....I love it!

I think Goliath really likes it!

Thanks! Have a wonderful Monday!!

My little project 120 year old shutter into a coffee table

The other day I got a whim to want to build something. I never pre plan any of these things they just happen otherwise I would have gotten some other photos of the process.
But basically I had a little make shift pallet coffee-table before and it was not working for me, it would get dirty so easy and it was literally thrown together, I needed something a little more classy looking. We live in a home that was built in the 1870's and it is dark and gloomy. The house was actually foreclosed on and when we saw it we HAD to have it.  A lot of work has been done and still needs to be down, but it is all ours. There are times I wish I would have gotten the house that was ready to go no work needed,  but then again this house has so much character and it is truly the little things that you do that can make or break a room.
 Who says you need to go out and buy new furniture there are so many creative ways to spice up a room and this little coffee-table did just that for me this is my up cycled shutter coffee table. All the wood is reclaimed on it but has been stained to give it a more classy look.....the glass on top is from an old entertainment center ( thats how I roll). I cleaned this shutter for hours but decided to keep it as is I love the paint chipping away and the old hinges left on it just gives it more character. I hope you enjoy it!!

DIY Quick and Easy Reclaimed Hippie Headband

I was recently told by a good friend of mine Gayle Smith of French Country Love that I need to try headbands. I am a total hippie at heart and I loved this idea and I loved it so much that I decided to make one. I am a total on a whim kinda of girl which means if I do like something I want to do it and do it NOW and I want to be able to accomplish it fairly quickly.  So I made a quick and easy Diy Hippie headband tutorial for everyone. I hope everyone enjoys this tutorial   :P

Basically this was done with a tie strap shirt, this can be done with any t-shirt as well.
You can cut strips from the bottom of a t-shirt and when you pull the t-shirt it kinda makes a
a tube shape and makes any uneven cuts look much cleaner. You can cut 4 and do the
same technique I showed you with the straps. Or you can head over to your local thrift-shop and
find one of these shirts for yourself!

Send me your pics and we can show the world our hippie headbandz!

I hope you liked this post if you want to see something else send me your ideas and I will make it!!

Love you all!

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