A gift that makes an impact!

We are fast approaching Christmas and I couldn't be more excited! My favorite thing to do in my business is brainstorm ideas with customers for there signs that will be gifts for people that they love.
I am always amazed with the quotes and phrases that used. They always reflect the feelings of the giver. Some are loving and sweet others are funny and outrageous but they are all made for one reason and that is because they care.
When I first started making signs I had no idea some of the impacts I would make in peoples lives, I didn't realize what a beautiful thing sign making could be. I have made signs for weddings and anniversaries business and friends even funerals and one of my favorites was a letter written by a women who passed from cancer. Her last words to her family where painted on the sign to hang and remember forever.
I love what I do so much and I always find myself becoming friends with the customer because we are making something together that is so personal.
Signs really and truly are one of the best gifts you can give and they are fit for anyone. There is always a quote and saying, song or words that is so meaningful for the person, always.
Words are just so meaningful. The define our lives when we speak them.
I have had so many orders this year for signs and I am excited to be able to make a gift that will make an impact to the person receiving it.
I wanted to write a little post about how words affect our lives and how they make an impact.

Did you know that everything is made of energy even words when you speak them, that is why they can affect us so deeply. Someones says something negative to us and it goes to the core of us making us feel terrible. My father use to tell me your words are like a double edged sword it penetrates into the soul...which is from the bible and it is so true. I remember I was in the 6th grade and I said some choice words to little friend of mine. He sat me down and told me those words will never go away in her mind.

Also when we put something in our home it has an energy on it so say you had a sign made from me, the sign would bring it's own vibe into your home and the sign would either make you feel good or bad...hopefully good:) This is what feng shui is centered around bringing things and arranging things in your home to bring you the most joy. It is amazing how when our home is messy and then we clean it how much we feel better, it is energy!

When you put a positive statment on someones wall that makes them feel good they will look at everyday and make them feel WONDERFUL. Now when I started painting signs I didn't really know the power of words. But being able to really experience the emotion behind the words that people speak to one another is amazing thing.

I think and this is just my opinion, I think signs are one of the best gifts you can anyone!

shana grant