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Hello Friends! I have been pumped up about remodels, so I have decided to dedicate a month to only doing posts about remodels in each room I will take a room a week and give insight, trends, tips and on how you can remodel your home for LESS. You know me I will figure out how to do it on my own and all my craft friends I am inviting you to join me!! Please let me know if you have something you would like to share as well, I will be highlighting other vendors so please sit back and relax and lets REMODEL!! Please if you like share the love, post, pin and tweet:)

This week it is all about KITCHENS!! today I want to talk colors!! 

New trends for 2014 show that accented colors are in and the brighter the better, I am in I love a pop of color with some beautiful neutrals.

Ok so these colors are for a rustic cottage kitchen. I believe in white walls, white floors even white cabinets ( too much?) and using accents to color the room. Flower, plants, tiles rustic furniture pieces, colored mis-matched china and even a chalkboard wall. White washing is so easy and can be done on so many mediums.

Here is a DIY for white washing 

Chalkboard wall

 Growing your own indoor plants

 Mis-matched china can be found at your local thrift store:) easy

Learn to make rustic furniture

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and stay tuned for more remodels!! If there is anything you would like to see please let me know!!

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My little project 120 year old shutter into a coffee table

The other day I got a whim to want to build something. I never pre plan any of these things they just happen otherwise I would have gotten some other photos of the process.
But basically I had a little make shift pallet coffee-table before and it was not working for me, it would get dirty so easy and it was literally thrown together, I needed something a little more classy looking. We live in a home that was built in the 1870's and it is dark and gloomy. The house was actually foreclosed on and when we saw it we HAD to have it.  A lot of work has been done and still needs to be down, but it is all ours. There are times I wish I would have gotten the house that was ready to go no work needed,  but then again this house has so much character and it is truly the little things that you do that can make or break a room.
 Who says you need to go out and buy new furniture there are so many creative ways to spice up a room and this little coffee-table did just that for me this is my up cycled shutter coffee table. All the wood is reclaimed on it but has been stained to give it a more classy look.....the glass on top is from an old entertainment center ( thats how I roll). I cleaned this shutter for hours but decided to keep it as is I love the paint chipping away and the old hinges left on it just gives it more character. I hope you enjoy it!!

Re-decorate your home Cottage style with Re-purposed items!

I am super excited to say that my husband and I will be buying our first home in the next couple weeks, and I have been so excited that I have been collecting some tutorials and DIY that I can do once we get our home. I had always had a dream to teach people to decorate there home with
up-cycled items to save A LOT of money and cut down on consumption. We throw away perfectly good items all the time and I like take these items and re purpose them into something useful and beautiful! So, this will be a sort of prelude to things to come, because as soon as I move in we will be doing tutorials DAILY! I will share every step of the way with you all in hopes to inspire to do your own re-decorating with re-purposing!
 So my own personal preference for decorating would be a cottage style, if there is another style you would be interested in seeing in a post, please email me and I would be happy to make you a post on it:)
 Also, as you know my store is full of re purposed items and signs, furniture and if you are looking for custom signs or custom pallet furniture please visit my shop and send me email, I can make you the perfect sign or have my husband build you custom furniture piece . I have worked really hard the past several months to make sure that all my customers are happy and Love there signs and I am happy to say that I am on my 43 sale!!!
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Alright lets get started, the first place we are going to go is my pin board on pinterest and to the board labeled:
These are a few DIY that I have found that I WILL be doing!!

You will soon learn that I am not interested in anything that looks like it was made in China and mass produced ,I find more value and soul in something that has been around the block a few times.
Even if it needs to be cleaned and fixed I think is worth any amount of time put into it.
Here are some kitchen ideas that I found and I will explain why I like these and also how easy it is to do!
kitchen pallet, just weird, and to think, i paid the city $20 to pick up a pallet. i could have stuck in on my wall . . . i think not!This particular kitchen is so simple as you can tell but I love it because it is rustic..the only thing about this kitchen to me it is too plain and too simple. I love the idea of the open cabinets and I love the pallet table and pallet on the wall but I like more color and well clutter. I Love the idea of bringing different items with no relationship to one another together to make a unified look! I love this look  in the below picture too it really suites my obbession with chalkboard paint. I also am in love with this vintage looking freezer door I would love to find one and make something similar in my own kitchen.
Kitchen with reclaimed fruit crate drawers
  Any of these kitchen are easily achievable with a little work! You need pallets which are either free or very inexpensive and you can scope out your local thrift stores. Craigslist's free section is AMAZING and if you are up for it go check out your local alleys, you can find some truly amazing items that people throw away all the time.
 I am going to make a goal to see if I can decorate my home with Little to no money involved!
This is truly simple but I absolutely love it!! Easily find a drawer and turn it into a little side table!!
Suitcase Dresser
I have been collecting suitcases for this very reason, and I cannot wait to make my own...To make
Collect 6 suitcases ..thrift store, relatives and alleys
and you can get an old dresser, remove the drawers paint and distress!

 Here is another easy project with a suitcase, make a little end table!

I love this next idea and I have noticed that it has become really popular and you can be assured that I will be trying it in my new home,it is using a dresser as your bathroom vanity. It is a great way to re-purpose an old dresser. I have come across some many dresser for free or hardly nothing, add a little paint and scuff that baby with some sand paper and BAM you have this.....

I love the way this bathroom is so clean and white and is contrasted with this bright very distressed dresser. It is a wonderful balance and with the touch of green in the plant this is such an inviting bright room.
Here are few more examples:
Tip: If the drawers are no good or are missing  you can leave it open and it looks great, or even make curtains to go in front for a country look.Bathroom Chest... TAKE OUT drawers from an old dresser for open storage, could use baskets or just put towels open like this... paint it pretty and there you go!

Ok moving right along I want to show some pallet bedrooms..Welcome to one of my favorite parts....

here is a room with pallet beds hung with rope...I love it as a guest bedroom idea..
The pic is kinda blurry but I think you will like it! I love everything about this bedroom....lamp, blankets, pallet bed, even the picture on the floor.
I love pallet couches and I love the idea of the big cushions and using a ton pillows to make it oh so cozy!
Art Need a cheep bed? I Love the way this came out! #recycle #reuse #pallet #bedroom #DIY what-can-you-do-with-old-pallets

guest bedroom pallet bedIt is also great for a small bedroom make a bed that doubles as a couch.

Pallet storage, here are some very easy to make shelves.
kids bedroom
pallet bookshelf

pallet shelf  

Now here is some very inexpensive ways to perk up an accent wall with
pallets! This looks amazing and rustic but blends well with a white clean look!

Funky Junk Interiors: Bedroom Redo Part 3- a pallet wood closet wallI love this idea.  Now to find some pallet wood.

 Well that is it for know, I will definitely be doing more posts on this subject and I know as soon as I get my new place I will walk you all through the whole process. I honestly like the way the up-cycled re purposed items and homes look way better than something new and bought at the store. My entire Idea for my home is to decorate it all from free or very inexpensive items. I want to teach others that are interested that you can have the cutest homes on a budget and there is something just some much more interesting and beautiful about something that has been recycled.
If you are interested and need any tips or ideas for your home, I am full of ideas and concepts feel free to write me and I would love to help anyone out!
Thanks so much for reading always remeber to do what you love, you will be rewarded for doing what your heart desires!


Thank you everyone who participated! The Winner is.................
Elven Marie Johnson
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 Thanks agian
<3 shana

UPDATE! Diy Upcycle your Magazines!

Sorry everyone I havent been posting as often as I usually do, I have been pretty sick I am having some complications but hopefully soon will all be worked out, but I wanted to post something to keep everyone busy!

Ok, Stop throwing away you magazines and newspapers, instead  you can up cycle them into something cool and useful!
If there is one item that can accumulate a multitude of, it would magazines! I know right know that you could probably stop by your doctors a school, Church's and many other places and they would give you a pile of magazines if you needed them.
 But here we go this is a tutorial that I found that shows you how to make your own up cycled basket from any recycled paper! You can even sell them if you get good enough at it! i hope you enjoy!

Diy Looked Over Items that will Spruce up your home! For Almost NOTHING!!

These looked over items, I run across a lot of and most the time they are shoved away, I thought may this would inspire you guys if you have some of these items to do some diy home decor! Enjoy the list!!

Green Door Diy:
I have seen so many doors tossed into attics and basements, because they are replaced by new plastic or metal ones, Yuck! I would rather keep the wood door, but sometimes they need replaced because they just cant serve there purpose anymore, well here are some great ways to still keep those old doors around and looking great!

Chalk board door! 

Make your own, at home even if you didnt have it hung as a door on a frame you could prop it agianst the wall and still use it as a chalkboard for kiddos. Chalkboard paint is EXPENSIVE, so here is a homemade recipe too for making your own Chalkboard paint!
Supplies: 1/2 cup acrylic paint (choose any color you like, or mix colors together to make the perfect shade!), 1 tablespoon unsanded grout (this can be purchased at most hardware/home improvement stores, we got ours at Home Depot), mixing cup or bowl, spoon, paint brush and an object or board you plan to paint on.
1. Measure out your paint and grout. The unsanded grout is a fine powder so be sure to work in a well ventilated area.
2. Stir the grout into the paint until no lumps remain. 3. Paint your surface with your new custom chalkboard paint! The paint will begin to harden once it is mixed, so only mix what you need at one time as it won't store as well as other paints.
Once your chalkboard has fully dried be sure to slate the surface before using it for the first time. To slate a chalkboard lightly rub chalk along the surface and then lightly rub it off.
Chalkboard 5
Back to doors..........
Love this one Coffee Table of doors
 Doors for your garden..Beautiful!
Door Shelves.....
Door couch...
 Door Headboard{one of my Favorites!}

Wooden Ladders
 These are another great item that is looked over and tossed to the side, if you can get your hands on one there are some great ways  up cycle some home decor!!

 These are so cute and so easy to do.....I hope you are inspired by them like I am !

  This is one I didnt really think about off the bat, but when I Saw some diy for this I was like DUH, why didnt I think of that....Drawers make great home decor!
 Make planters, wall art...So much fun stuff!

Old Windows
this is another Item I sometimes I find in the attics and basments of old house that would 
be perfect for some of these projects!
Reclaimed Window Coffee Table

 the secret to having it all is knowing you already do

I like the vintage fabric

Old windows and chalkboard love! 
Ok I hope that inspired you all to go out and find some stuff in your attics to up cycle! Let me know what you find I am always curious to see what everyone is up too!
Have a great Day!

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