Moved to Storenvy and why I recommend never joining Etsy!

I have been with Etsy for quite a long time and I am not the one who likes to rant but, after the week I had with them I am left speechless...well I guess not quit:)  I spent almost a year putting every waking moment I had into building my store,brand,advertising ,products, etc, etc.... To receive an email this weekend from Etsy that they where suspending my store. I was blown away as I sell a lot and never have any issues. I was told that our items looked so good that they suspected we where resellers and, they needed proof that we actually made all our products. Well I can respect that, they are upholding the integrity of the market. I spent a day preparing an essay and photos of our work areas, supplies a vendors and processes. I even offered to skype them if all that didn't convince them.

I waited oh so patiently and the email came.....

"Thank you for all the information you sent us, we are proud to have you in the Etsy community. I will reopen your shop as soon as you pay your bill. Please pay and then email me back to reinstate your account." 

I had waited to pay them (is that bad) because I wanted to find out what was going on:)
So I paid and emailed the nice lady back and I got ......crickets.....I emailed a few hours later......crickets....I decided to be patient and wait I figured it would be opened in the morning.

All the next day nothing. So I emailed once more and then I got an email about 3pm saying my shop
 "was closed with out warning"

HUH!!! I thought they where proud of me??? at this point I am pretty well, PISSED!

  I start emailing, lots and lots of emails and with absolutely no responses back.

I have tried a few other times to get a response but, nada!

So I was left with nothing, I went from having a steady stream of income that supported my family to nothing!
On top of that! Watch how people panic when your store disappears!
It is insane, I do not blame them I would probably panic to. But I have had to write 40 customers explaining what is going on and that everything is the same we just aren't etsy anymore.

What a lovely experience, but hey you live you learn right. I hoping that I can spread my experience not to knock etsy because there are a lot of successful shops on there, hell I was one of them, but I am not entirely sure how long that is going to last. I think they have changed some things and it may bite them in the butt...So anyway that is my story take it as you will. Now on to the good part.....

I will be honest I have been hesitant about making a full switch, but it is something I wanted to do for a while..
Here is the scoop:
- There shops look better
- You have complete creative control of your shops look
- They are FREE ( I was paying on average $400 a month for Etsy)
- Friendly and quick support
- resources for there community
- Love the dashboard
- Love the overall look of the marketplace
Everyone just ROCKS there! I kind feel like I fit in better there:))

I was even looking for a new template and found one, the store Craftywidgets . He lets you try his templates before you buy, so I gave it go! I had some trouble installing...Operator error.. so I emailed him. Well has offered to do the install for me! That is crazy nice:))

People say there views are not as great but I beg to differ. All it takes is a few days advertising and you will see a change. I have just as many views on there as etsy and they will only grow because I just made the switch. It is all what you want and what you put your energy into that is what you  will get out of it. So don't be afraid of it if you need any help, EMAIL ME! I love helping and well I kinda have tested the waters so I know some short cuts:))

Oh did I mention I already made my first sale!!!

I know this is not my normal post but I wanted to share this!!
Check out my new shop, it is not all the way complete as of tonight 1/8/2014 it should be
but I would love to hear your feedback and stories!!
I would love a nice discussion!

XOXO~ Shana

Featured Handmade Shop: FrenchCountryLove...."once upon time in a little french country cottage...."

I want to introduce a dear friend of mine Gayle Lynn Smith who owns the shop FrenchCountryLove.She is who someone I can turn to for any advice and except nothing but honesty and love, she is truly someone special and someone I admire....The crazy part is we have never even met face to face but have become such good friends...... I will let you tell the story because she has a way with words and always can make LOL. 

"My friend Shana, aka RubbishLove, recently asked me if she could feature me and my Etsy business, French Country Love on her blog.   If I may digress for a moment here, that is what I love about Shana....asking ME if she cold FEATURE me on HER blog!!  ~She is the kindest, most thoughtful person I have met in a very long time.

I met Shana, as I hired her to build/design my husban's law firm website.  see >>> .  You can see for yourself, her talent and what a beautiful 
Job  she did!

After Shana completed my project, we started 'talking' and getting to know each other. didn't take long for both she and I to learn that we are both kindred spirits.. Even though we are at different stages in life, ~her two kids are in elementary school, and my two just starting college..  We found out that we both kind of gravitated towards the same things, ,,I.e.spiritual growth & empowerment through meditation, prayer and other means..

I also learned that Shana did more than build websites. I learned about Shana's other business, or more accurately, her vision & passion, Rubbish Love.  It was then that I shared with Shana some projects that I offered locally, (in my hometown,
of Traverse City, MI.)
Shana asked to 
see some pictures of my products and I was sososo flattered when she then suggested to me that I open a shop on Etsy!  Imhad never even thought of doing such a thing.. She thought both my Drop Cloth Rugs and my Cottage Chic bench would do very well on Etsy.

I have two products that I offer, that are my main passion.  First, is my  6x9 'Drop Cloth Rug'.  
This rug had an interesting story to its start,
as I mentioned earlier, my twins (son and daughter) both started college last year,

----talk about MAJOR empty nest syndrome, two 'children' (my
only two ) leaving at the same time :(. Okay, so that was quite a segue from what I was asked to do here..okay, focus... 

As we were viewing each of the twin's  ' soon to be home away from home' dorms, it became clear that we were going to need to be creative in finding ways to brighten up those dreary rooms...
 While unpacking her things, I noticed that my daughter had developed quite a collection of Union Jack items, mugs, t-shirts,posters, and it was that which gave me the idea for our Union Jack Rug!  I practically ran home, got on the computer and started for searching for ideas on how to paint your own area rug..
Within two days I had painted one for each of the twins's rooms. They looked simply awesome, if I do say so myself. The story should end here,  in a way, it kind of started here...
It was within weeks, both my twins were telling me that everyone was asking them where they could get e same rugs...When I heard this, I had an 'Ah-ha!' moment...   I started perfecting my craft, and in a very short time I had furnished 1/2 the population in my twin's college with our Union Jack Rugs....Oh okay, I kid, I kid... :) a slight exaggeration, though I did get several orders :)

Drop Cloth Area Rug, 6x9,

I decorate my home in cottage style and French Country.  I love the the colors, the soft hues found on a French Chateau, and I am always trying to find ways incorporate them into my home.  I was looking for an area rug online, to put under our dining room table. I found exactly what I wanted at Crate & Barrel.  It was a simple striped area rug in gray (my favorite color btw)  and white.  What kinda' knocked me over, was the price.  It was around $500.00 for the size I wanted!  Yowza!..and no thanks!  I immediately thought to try and recreate this rug on my drop cloth.

Soooo, that is how I got into rug painting.  My other specialty product is one that I consider an act of love.  I call it this, because when I figured out what is was I wanted to make, I went to my elderly father for advice.  I offer a beautiful one-of-kind Cottage Chic Bench.  I take a great deal of pride in these benches.  They consist of two dining room chairs, that I take and turn into a bench.  I then paint the bench on chalk paint, lightly antique and distress.  I truly feel that these benches are a French Country work of art! it is my father who measures, cuts and puts together the seat part on my benches...This is why I consider my benches to be an act do love <3. These benches truly ARE one of a kind, as the are designed around different dining room chairs, each bench always has its own look & personality.  These are made in both a two seated and three seated bench. 
I have long ago made it my mission to scope out interesting pieces of furniture.  You can often find me pursuing flea markets, tag sales etc. looking for that  special piece! I am always amazed how a bit of time and creativity is all it takes to turn a regular piece into a French country beauty!  Did I mention that I have made Chalk Paints my life!  I spend every spare moment, looking to learn new techniques to paint and finish my French Country pieces.. 

Vintage wood desk, secretary desk, 

Sooo, this brings me to today..Under Shana's suggestion then guidance, I opened FrenchCountryLove ;). You can find my Drop Cloth Rugs, my Cottage Chic Benches, and several other French Country treasures that I create.  Please do stop by, I try to change things up, and list new pieces weekly!  I love the idea of having things that I personally had a hand in creating and sending them off to different parts of the country!  as I finish writing this, I am packing a BEeeeaaaauuuutiful little French Country End table, chalk painted in soft blue base, with a French Gray dry brush topping, along with French Stenciling.  This lovely table was sold out of my Etsy shop the second day 'she' was listed!  Off to her new home in Chicago she goes!"

You can check out Gayle's store FrenchCountryLove. We hope you enjoyed this featured shop, if you did please feel free to pin it for us or leave is a comment. Spread the love, handmade business can have huge impact on our economy please help support! 

Love you all!!

Mason Jar Chandelier GIVEAWAY !!

Do you want to win one of our Mason Jar Chandeliers?

We are giving one away to show how much we appreciate everyone's support!!

What do you win?
A Reclaimed wood chandelier that includes:
-24 x 10 wood canopy
-your choice of Dark or light stain or paint!
-8 mason jar lights

Also we have a 2nd and 3rd place and you would win:
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If you would like to view how are products please go to our shop here

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Ok to enter all you have to do is follow the instructions on the rafflecopter entry app below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

 Can't wait to find out who the lucky winner will be:)))


20% off coupon !!

Just a real quick post to let everyone know, we are giving out 20% off coupons when you sign-up for our newsletter on our website.
1.Go to
 and go to the bottom of the page

2.look for "sign-up for Newsletter" it and input your email

4.verfy your email address and bam!
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and your 20% off coupon to use on anything in our store, YAH!!

Come check it out today!! Remember 10% of all sales goes to the Rubbishlove community outreach here in Dayton,Ohio!!!
You are always shopping with a purpose at rubbishlove:))

Love you all---
Shana NEW SHOP!!

Growing pains.. 

We have had a lot of changes going on here in the last couple months. Our sales have doubled and we had to make some decisions where we would go next. I have wanted to leave Etsy for a little while. I like Etsy and they gave me the best start, I would recommend anyone starting out and wanting to get something going fairly quickly I would suggest Etsy. .But I have had my issues, and I am really not thrilled with how just anyone can leave feedback and there is not a dang thing you can do about it, it stays there like a bad zit until you can convince the buyer to remove it  or file a law suite....hmmmm that just seems like way to much work considering I am more worried about keeping my very awesome, very considerate customers happy. I would much rather leave the negative and follow the positivity. So we decided, we have grown so quickly in this 7 months that we are transitioning into our on online web store. Doing this lets us get much closer with our customers and reward them more in so many ways. I like this because I love giving things to my customers, I love helping them and in my business I try to keep my overhead as low as possible to keep my prices low to in turn give people the best deals I can. My goal is to not become a millionaire from this, I just want to meet some great folks and keep them as friends and customers for a lifetime, that is what I love.
Some may know that I have worked in coffee shops quite a lot, I have a passion to meet and get to know people it is very important to me to know that you are happy and I have made you feel special.
I have always worked this way, I love to be able to actully get know my customers, it makes me able t to design and make products that are going to suit you perfectly. I also believe this how is how it  should be, I dont know when business got so informal but I hate it. Businesses started small and half the time you knew the owner your whole life, you grew up with them and always only bought what you needed from them, and they would return the favor.
 So I hope that you will stop by and check out our new little spot on the web. Let us know what you think we are always happy to hear from people and are open to any suggestions.

So with that I am going to tell you about a few promotions we are having:::
 -20% off New Customers
-15% off if you sign up for our newsletter
-Mason Jar Madness is going on and Custom tumblers are $8.00

Thanks everyone for all your support!!
Talk with you soon,

Introducing Rubbishlove Community Outreach

RubbishLove's Community Outreach

We are happy to announce the beginning of RubbishLoves Community Outreach program starting here in Dayton,Ohio. We know that there are many other cities across the country and globe that are in need just like Dayton. But we know that change must start small and can be like a ripple effect to the entire globe. Our vision is to start a program for families and individuals that are in need and seem to have no way out. Our government has told us we are in a time of need and these people are feeling the effects of it in a major way. We believe by providing some basic needs we can effect and be a change that can last a lifetime.

Rubbishlove Donates

Here at RubbishLove we are donating 10% of every sale to the community outreach
As you know all of our items are up-cycled and reclaimed. We specialize
in personalized signs and also reclaimed furniture with a rustic cottage look.

If you would like to know more about the Community Outreach and how you can help please visit this page:

Rubbishlove community outreach page

The House up-cycled....Graphic design...New things that are happening:)

Hello everyone I hope you are having a wonderful February we are well on are way to March and Spring time. My Birthday is next month and I cant believe it I will be 27!!! So before all that happens we will hopefully be closing on our massive house. I am so excited and I know I have been talking about this for months it, but once it is ours we are going to be having tutorial city because I will be up cycling everything that goes into that place, and I am so excited to start. I have been collecting items and been saving new favorite tutorials that I will do with you all. So I wanted to show you a few pictures of the place.

Theses are a few pics of the outside ...As you can see it needs a little work but it is pretty much like a blank canvas which is perfect. I will have some pics of the inside soon to:)
 But this will one of my greatest projects.

I also wanted to announce my other little project I am working on , It is the graphic design part of my business. I wasnt sure if I wanted to do it at first, but I have gotten so many orders that I decided to make it part of Rubbishlove but also make it seperate. So I made a different blog site but it is linked to this one...but it is here:

or you can find it up top in the menu bar the link it digital goodie shop...

so it is a working progress right now it only has a few thing right now but I am adding more and I am going to have freebies and fun stuff along with my services I you gotta check it out:)

 I have been updating and working hard on my design and I decide it was time to update again, so as you can see the site has new colors and a new look which I am pretty happy with...What do you all think?
 Well that is a few updates for now I will be posting some tutorials soon....

Reclaimed lighting for your home, give your home a cottage look

We have been working hard here at Rubbishlove and we are proud to introduce a new section to our shop, Lighting:) We have been working on this for months and it is great to see so many people already interested.
 We started with Mason Jar Lighting, since we already have the reclaimed wood it was like well lets make lights with this. So my very talented husband and dad actully came up with the first few samples and they look awesome..Here are some photos below..

All this lighting is under $200 and is custom made for you...come check it out here at :

Love ya'll

Personalized Pallet wood sign come in super big now at Rubbishlove:)

Well I keep making signs and I think they are gradually getting bigger. I love making the bigger signs they are a lot of fun to paint and gives my husband and I a chance to work together.
My newest listing for Etsy is a 3 foot x 4 foot sign and it is big,I had trouble finding a wall to hang it on to take pictures. This sign was a custom sign done for a lovely client of mine, we collaborated and created the design together.  But this sign can be made to fit any ones home decor or style I can make it as rustic and shabby chic as you need or go with something more modern. I can match and make any colors you need and I have a never ending resource of fonts and designs to choose from. I love being able to meet people and help them create there perfect sign and having the ability to practically do anything.
 If you are looking for something to fill a blank wall let me make you your perfect sign:)
Here are some photos of the new sign,

You can check out this sign and others at my shop here:
Well that is all for now I hope everyone is having a good week and I will talk with you all soon:)

Window of opportunity, turning old windows into something useful

Hello everyone I wanted to share what I go my hands on and that is some 100 year old windows. They are huge and beautiful, pain is chipping and the glass is kinda wavy when look through it they are wonderful!
So I am excited because I am going to feature them on my shop this week. I have painted the frame and distressed it and also have put chalkboard paint on the window so now they are really cool chalkboards.
I will be getting more some with the grids and some like these but I will be offering a customize your
window with either just painting the frame or adding the chalkboard paint or even adding a painting or design to it. I am excited about this because I have wanted to work with windows since I opened my shop.
Here are some examples of the one I painted with chalkboard paint.

As you can see I have it placed above my messy desk but I love it, I hope I am able to part with it:)
You can check out the chalkboard window here at my shop:

IF you are interested in one or have any questions please feel free to write me:)
Thanks everyone have a great day:)

Featured Shop: PopTabilicious


Hello everyone I hope everyone is having a good week:) I want to introduce this weeks featured shop:PopTabilicious Desiree's Jewelry, Beading & More! The owner and creator of PopTabilicious is Desiree, she is a kind and wonderful person along with the creative genius who has put a twist on Jewelry. I think it is fun and beautiful and I love that it is up-cycled. I will now let Desiree tell here story, so keep reading I hope everyone enjoys and don't forget to stop by her shop and pick up one of her wonderful pieces of jewelry:)

 I have always been a creative person. Ever since I can remember, if I saw something that I liked, I tried to make it. I always made jewelry as a little girl. I would make friendship bracelets, beaded jewelry and hemp bracelets and necklaces. Last year I wanted to make some cool, new, funky bracelets for my daughters. I decided to try pop tabs with yarn.
This is what I came up with: 

From there, it was like a domino effect. I just had to make more items with pop tabs! I thought, “Hey, why don’t I try this with hemp?”. Using a macramé style, this is what I came up with:

Then I tried different hemp colors and cord sizes. I wanted to find styles everyone could enjoy.

I then started expanding to other items, such as earrings and bookmarks:

I’ve also tried making napkin holders as well! (This is still a work in progress).

Lately, however, I’ve been focusing on a more elegant line of earrings and bracelets. These are done with a new style of stitching with embroidery floss. It appears as crochet, but actually I have no clue how to crochet! If you look carefully, you can see the zig-zag detail I have worked into the embroidery thread. You can find these items on my Etsy shop:

My mind is always working on new ideas. I hope that I can continue to create this jewelry for a long time. Recently, my “tech” husband created a website for me! You can find it here: We are still working out the details, and plan on adding a store in the near future. With 2 kids and working other jobs however, this has taken a little bit longer than I would like. I hope to have it fully functional before the end of February!

Re-decorate your home Cottage style with Re-purposed items!

I am super excited to say that my husband and I will be buying our first home in the next couple weeks, and I have been so excited that I have been collecting some tutorials and DIY that I can do once we get our home. I had always had a dream to teach people to decorate there home with
up-cycled items to save A LOT of money and cut down on consumption. We throw away perfectly good items all the time and I like take these items and re purpose them into something useful and beautiful! So, this will be a sort of prelude to things to come, because as soon as I move in we will be doing tutorials DAILY! I will share every step of the way with you all in hopes to inspire to do your own re-decorating with re-purposing!
 So my own personal preference for decorating would be a cottage style, if there is another style you would be interested in seeing in a post, please email me and I would be happy to make you a post on it:)
 Also, as you know my store is full of re purposed items and signs, furniture and if you are looking for custom signs or custom pallet furniture please visit my shop and send me email, I can make you the perfect sign or have my husband build you custom furniture piece . I have worked really hard the past several months to make sure that all my customers are happy and Love there signs and I am happy to say that I am on my 43 sale!!!
Visit Rubbish Love Shop here!!!

Alright lets get started, the first place we are going to go is my pin board on pinterest and to the board labeled:
These are a few DIY that I have found that I WILL be doing!!

You will soon learn that I am not interested in anything that looks like it was made in China and mass produced ,I find more value and soul in something that has been around the block a few times.
Even if it needs to be cleaned and fixed I think is worth any amount of time put into it.
Here are some kitchen ideas that I found and I will explain why I like these and also how easy it is to do!
kitchen pallet, just weird, and to think, i paid the city $20 to pick up a pallet. i could have stuck in on my wall . . . i think not!This particular kitchen is so simple as you can tell but I love it because it is rustic..the only thing about this kitchen to me it is too plain and too simple. I love the idea of the open cabinets and I love the pallet table and pallet on the wall but I like more color and well clutter. I Love the idea of bringing different items with no relationship to one another together to make a unified look! I love this look  in the below picture too it really suites my obbession with chalkboard paint. I also am in love with this vintage looking freezer door I would love to find one and make something similar in my own kitchen.
Kitchen with reclaimed fruit crate drawers
  Any of these kitchen are easily achievable with a little work! You need pallets which are either free or very inexpensive and you can scope out your local thrift stores. Craigslist's free section is AMAZING and if you are up for it go check out your local alleys, you can find some truly amazing items that people throw away all the time.
 I am going to make a goal to see if I can decorate my home with Little to no money involved!
This is truly simple but I absolutely love it!! Easily find a drawer and turn it into a little side table!!
Suitcase Dresser
I have been collecting suitcases for this very reason, and I cannot wait to make my own...To make
Collect 6 suitcases ..thrift store, relatives and alleys
and you can get an old dresser, remove the drawers paint and distress!

 Here is another easy project with a suitcase, make a little end table!

I love this next idea and I have noticed that it has become really popular and you can be assured that I will be trying it in my new home,it is using a dresser as your bathroom vanity. It is a great way to re-purpose an old dresser. I have come across some many dresser for free or hardly nothing, add a little paint and scuff that baby with some sand paper and BAM you have this.....

I love the way this bathroom is so clean and white and is contrasted with this bright very distressed dresser. It is a wonderful balance and with the touch of green in the plant this is such an inviting bright room.
Here are few more examples:
Tip: If the drawers are no good or are missing  you can leave it open and it looks great, or even make curtains to go in front for a country look.Bathroom Chest... TAKE OUT drawers from an old dresser for open storage, could use baskets or just put towels open like this... paint it pretty and there you go!

Ok moving right along I want to show some pallet bedrooms..Welcome to one of my favorite parts....

here is a room with pallet beds hung with rope...I love it as a guest bedroom idea..
The pic is kinda blurry but I think you will like it! I love everything about this bedroom....lamp, blankets, pallet bed, even the picture on the floor.
I love pallet couches and I love the idea of the big cushions and using a ton pillows to make it oh so cozy!
Art Need a cheep bed? I Love the way this came out! #recycle #reuse #pallet #bedroom #DIY what-can-you-do-with-old-pallets

guest bedroom pallet bedIt is also great for a small bedroom make a bed that doubles as a couch.

Pallet storage, here are some very easy to make shelves.
kids bedroom
pallet bookshelf

pallet shelf  

Now here is some very inexpensive ways to perk up an accent wall with
pallets! This looks amazing and rustic but blends well with a white clean look!

Funky Junk Interiors: Bedroom Redo Part 3- a pallet wood closet wallI love this idea.  Now to find some pallet wood.

 Well that is it for know, I will definitely be doing more posts on this subject and I know as soon as I get my new place I will walk you all through the whole process. I honestly like the way the up-cycled re purposed items and homes look way better than something new and bought at the store. My entire Idea for my home is to decorate it all from free or very inexpensive items. I want to teach others that are interested that you can have the cutest homes on a budget and there is something just some much more interesting and beautiful about something that has been recycled.
If you are interested and need any tips or ideas for your home, I am full of ideas and concepts feel free to write me and I would love to help anyone out!
Thanks so much for reading always remeber to do what you love, you will be rewarded for doing what your heart desires!

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