The best place to get a home decor make over!

Where are you getting your home decor from?? 

Do you have the option to customize it?? 

Do you think it will be to pricey???

This is what Rubbishlove is all about!

RubbishLove is a one of kind shop. We specialize in customizing EVERYTHING( signs,furniture, home accents) , we think that everyone should have something that is one of kind not something that has been mass produced like everything else.
We also like to keep you in mind with our prices, you can get something customized from our shop for the same price( sometimes less) as if you went to the store and got it????
 HMMMMM...that is some food for thought...

So if you are already thinking about getting buying some new home decor, maybe think about it being customized from us!

Something else that is really cool about RubbishLove is that we have a team of craftsmen and designers now. We are fully prepared to take on any project, so BRING IT ON!

We are excited and ready to go, whatever the project is big or small feel confident that you have experts to get the job done!

So if you haven't already go check out our brand new website here:

If you like what you see please leave me some love, tweet, pin or fB me we are a growing business and would love your help:))

Are you looking for a awesome holiday gift?

Well I am gearing up for the holidays I have stocking-stuffer's bought for my kiddos and I am done to just a few more things to make for friends and family this year! I have setting my shop up with some great sales so everyone can afford a gift from my shop. I have prices ranging from $8.99 - $60.00, I even had some buy one get ones and including gift wrap. I am wanting to show all the ways that signs can make wonderful gifts for any age. 
  Why are signs such great gifts?
First of all because you can really make anything you can imagine, that kinda makes it a little to broad so I will give you  some ideas for awesome gifts. 
-Family name 
-important dates: marriage, baby, kids birthdays, anniversary
- favorite sports team
-favorite words,quotes and sayings are great
- kids rooms signs
-I even do designs and silhouettes

There are others but that is a good start to think of, this year on my list I am making signs for some folks in my family. 
So whoever is on your holiday gift list this year there is sign for them.

I have made a list of some of my items I offer.

Wood sign- Great holiday gifts--Sale

Create a signs Holiday sale---customized signs personalized signs. family signs wedding signs 

personalized signs--name signs--- baby names ,wedding signs,holiday decor--holiday gifts $35.99

Wood sign: Luminary custom signs, name sign wood sign, wood sign, wood sign $29.99

Wood sign: Luminary custom signs, name sign wood sign, wood sign, wood sign 

personalized wooden signs--handmade signs, create a sign, home decor and inspirational signs $25.99

personalized wooden signs--handmade signs, create a sign, home decor and inspirational signs


personalized wood sign--create a sign-$8.99

personalized wood sign--create a sign- 


You can view all my items from my shop here: 

RubbishLove shoppe

Email me with

I hope to talk you all soon:)



Introducing my newest creation and newest item to my Etsy store: The Luminary Custom sign. This is called Luminary because of the meaning that the person is of eminence value. I wanted people to take someones name which is used to identify us, and turn it into a powerful description of the persons character. In this example I used my daughters name Leila.
        I love being able to make signs that make someone feel good, I like to inspire and spark people to understand that they are wonderful! This sign does just that lifts and encourages, the person who is reading it. You can get a customized Luminary sign from my Etsy store for 35.00 it is approx 10"(L) 17" (H)
 I love this sign it is bright and whimsical! I hope you stop by shop and take a look around! Thanks so much!!


Handmade Holiday Gifts--Leave the work to me!!

 Are you ready to sit back and enjoy the holidays? I know that it can be a hassle to think about the list of people you need to get gifts for, why not leave the work to me and you can relax and get all thanks!
  I am offering a gift set via my store on etsy
  That includes:
-2 handmade customized signs
-gift wrapped separately(or together)
-personalized gift tags with message

All this shipped to your door for 25$!
That is right you can get to handmade holiday gifts ready to put under your tree sent to your door step!
Need more signs...No problem I can accomadate any sign order and will give reduced rate the more you
order....I am just trying to make the holidays a little less stressful

Hello and welcome to Rubbishlove services page I Actully offer a lot of different services from crafts and customized pieces to design work. I will be adding more to this page and am working on a cart for easy checkout ....please email me with any questions!

Customized signs....................................................................................................... start @10.99
If you jump to my etsy store here you will find my prices starting with all my custommized signs however
if you would like to email me with dimensions and your idea I can quote you a price.
I make all my signs from up-cycled wood , I dont use templates or stencils I freehand all my work,I also let you decide how it will be hung either with hardware on the back,twine, string's up to you!
Colors and sizes I have many to choose from or if there is something you see in my store that you want me to make similar for you that is fine to!!
Customized Journals....................................................................................................... starts @15.99
All my journals are also on my etsy store here, and can be customized. These would make great gifts I can add intials pictures anything to make them personal. Email me the size you would like and colors pages. These journals are completly up-cycled to so there are eco-friendly (just how I like it)

Design services....................................................................................................................Starts @14.99
I will be updating this soon but I wanted to let all know this, I can customize your blogger with custom templates,social network icons, facebook images, etsy banners and more. Please email me with your design needs and I will get with ASAP! I will be adding a custom checkout soon!!
You can can buy some of my premade Items below linked to my etsy store...

I am am a jack of all trades if you are needing something or are wondering if I can do something for you please email me, I would be happy to talk to you!

What is Rubbishlove? It is my obsession with giving trash some new"zing! I love the creative challenge that up-cycling brings and I love the idea of creating something engaging from so called "trash" I am truly passionate about up-cycling,I think that are society's are so wasteful. We throw out perfectly acceptable items all the time. I walk through the alleys of my neighborhood here in Dayton,Ohio and look at what people are trashing. I am usually surprised at the quality of the items, but I am not just looking for shiny new things, I love items that are old and rustic and have character. Imperfection is perfection to me!

   I started out selling my signs( yep I make signs) on Etsy. I make them from pallet wood or whatever wood I can find :) making customized signs out of up-cycled wood led me down the rabbit whole to up cycling anything I could get my hands on.
  I decide to call my venture Rubbishlove! I have dabbled in blogging and website design for 10 years now. I Love  Photoshop and illustrator and photography, all these skills have come in handy for rubbishlove on top of my love for crafting. I sometimes hate calling it crafts it make me feel like an old lady but I guess that is the best way to describe what I do.
 My store on Etsy now has a variety of up-cycled items from my signs to handmade journals to watercolor paintings, and I'm adding more all the time. My husband even makes pallet furniture that is so unique and original.
 My favorite thing about Rubbishlove is how I can incorporate all of my favorite things into this and I don't have to settle doing something uninteresting and boring.  I believe that life is for happiness, I understand that things may not always work out the way you want them to but perspective really has the most to do with how happy you can be, I am working on it and myself daily, I never stop learning .

I am really close to my family, I have two amazing kiddo's that I spend most of my days with and my husband and I are soul-mates . My kiddos are Aden who is 6 and Leila who is 5 they are 15 months apart and are mistaken most times as twins

My Husband Doug and I have been married 7 years. We were married when I was 18 The stats are really not good for people staying together but over time instead of growing tired of one another we have grown super close! We of course have had are moments but we know that this is forever! I would never want to marry another man as long as I live he is truly the most extraordinary man I know!                                          

                                                                                         We currently live in Dayton Ohio which is where I was born and raised. I love Ohio there is so much to do and see. Dayton is beautiful to me ,I don't think most would say that but I love all the architecture and historic buildings and well my favorite thing is all the great places to eat, I love food:)

So that is a little about me, I love creating and you can catch me most the time at my desk designing something new!
If you have any questions or just want to talk feel free to email me!

10 Fun Diy Upcycled crafts !!

Ok I feel like I havent posted any cool diy tutorials in a while so I thought I would do another DIY green round up of craft  tutorials!!! Lets do this!!

1.Branch Candle holders

Revamp your Threads, Awesome Clothing up- Cycling!! Part 1

Every so often I can go through my families and my own closet and find some stuff that I am tired of looking at, but instead of throwing them in that goodwill dumpster,  or just throwing them away, I have compiled these tutorials so everyone can clean out there closets and revamp there old threads!
 I hope everyone enjoys and, let me know what kinds of tutorials you have tried!!
 ****Also I am looking for Guest bloggers to write on my Blog, if you are interested please email me
<3 Shana

1. Diy Plant hanger from T-shirt!

DIY: t-shirt plant hanger

2. Revamp those old Flip-flops
for those not in the fall season ~ marni-esque 
3.T-Shirt Backpack

Backpack Shirt
  • T-shirt
  • Sharp scissors
  • Needle and thread
  • Large safety pin
  • Clothesline cord, about 6 times the width of the shirt
  • 7/16-inch eyelet (or grommet) kit (see tip below)
  1. Backpack Shirt - Step 1 Turn the T-shirt inside out, then cut across the shirt from armpit to armpit. You'll need only the bottom section.
  2. Backpack Shirt - Step 2 Use the needle and thread to sew a simple stitch across the shirt, about a half inch in from the cut edge, to seal what will be the bottom of the bag.
  3. Backpack Shirt - Step 3 Turn the shirt right side out. Snip the shirt's hem almost all of the way through (do not cut any stitching) at the midpoint between the two side seams. Attach a large safety pin to one end of the clothesline cord. Feed the cord, safety pin first, through the casing of the hem.
  4. Backpack Shirt - Step 4 Follow the eyelet or grommet kit instructions to add eyelets to the bottom corners of the bag.
  5. Backpack Shirt - Step 5 Thread the ends of the cord through the eyelet holes and double-knot them to secure.
An eyelet or grommet kit can be purchased at craft stores or online for around $15. In a pinch, you can cut the holes with scissors and seal the cut edges with fabric glue, but the result won't be as neat or as sturdy.
 4.T-shirt Bracelets
making bracelet from shirt diy

shirt into bracelet

Pictures by Lana


Due to several questions about this tutorial, I decided to post an update with more detailed steps. You can find the tutorial below:

1. Take 6 pieces of fabric, mine are about 45 cm long and 1,5 cm wide. Place something heavy on the toppart to keep them in place.
2. Take right strip and follow the red line in the picture.
3. It should look like this.
4. Take the left strip and follow the red line in the picture.
5. It should look like this.
6. Now repeat steps 2 and 4. Pull on them, but not to tight!
7. Keep braiding until you have ure desired length.
8. Get you're glue gun or some textile glue and place a stripe of glue on top of the end. Do this on both sides.
9. Cut the fabric that is on the other side of the glue strip. Not the braided side!
10. It should look like this.
11. Put some glue on the outside of the braid, like shown in the picture.
12. Place the other outside against it and push them together until the glue has dried.
13. Measure the width of youre braid.
14. Cut a piece of fabric. The size should be 2x the width of your braid + 1 cm.
15. Fold the piece of fabric around the part where the bracelet is attached. And glue it together.

All done!

You can of course also sew the bracelet instead of using glue.

The bracelet will be easy to slide over you're hand, because the fabric is stretchy and soft.

 5.Up cycle Bouquet
Upcycled tshirt roses 
6.Crochet Peek a boo Shirt ( one of my Fav's)
Supplies: Tshirt, crochet trim (a few yards)

I came up with this idea to make tight shirts wearable again. I had so many cool tshirts yet most of them were purchased when it was trendy to have them snug.

Measure the trim (you will do front to back).
Cut side seams and sleeves off if you use a tshirt (here I used a tank).

Sew front to back right sides together.

Lay out and pin where you want the armhole to go.

Top stitch new side seam leaving armhole open.

I did this with fringe trim as well here.
****Also with this you could use a lace curtains, or table cloth!****

7. Make continuous Yarn from T-Shirt
8. Sexy back T-shirt

 I made this today. :)

99.Boots from old Sweater!
I started with this:

chopped off the sleeves, turned it inside out, and formed it to my foot.

Hot glued it to a shoe, like so...

flipped it right side out, and cut the bottom off the sweater to make a cuff..

Embroidered it..

Sewed it into a cuff that would flip out over the boot..

And now you have...Sweater boots!!

10. T-shirt totes

It's super easy to do! All you'll need is an old cotton t-shirt, some sewing pins and thread, scissors- and you're halfway there!
Cut off the sleeves and neck line t create your handles.
Pin and sew the bottom portion up.

 Ok this was part one because there are so many more that we can do, so stay tuned I will be updating later today! :)

Talk to you Soon


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