Holly, Jolly Eco Holiday!! Fun Holiday Diy !!

Ok I feel like I haven't been posting as much lately, I am going to get back into the groove of things though I have just been super busy lately with orders, which is fine with me:)
 I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, I love a Holiday that you get to take off work to over eat! Since it is officially after Thanksgiving it is time to immediately go into the Christmas way of thinking, I love it everyone I know put up a Christmas tree today, I think we are more excited about Christmas , it is like Thanksgiving on steroids, because we get more time off the same big dinner and we get gifts!! So lets get  into to the Christmas spirit by kicking it off with so fun eco-holiday Diy!!

  Here is my list, I'm not checking it twice:) I know I am a dork!

cork planters1.I always seem to list terrariums, I know I just love them and the are so easy to make, but I am pretty sure you get the point ....I LOVE TERRARIUMS! So I have graduated to this, Cork planters. These cute little cork planters would make the best little inexpensive gift, you could make like 20 in no time and have your whole family and friends covered and I am pretty sure they will love them!
You can follow a really cool tutorial here for it

2. This is great for all the women in your life(maybe men) But sugar/salt scrubs are perfect and so easy to make, they hardest part is finding what you will put them in. I like mason jars they are classy yet rustic. Here is a simple sugar/salt scrub recipe
Simple Sugar/Salt scrub
Brown sugar/sea salt
sapphire oil
Vitamin E oil
** you can add your own essential oils to make them smell yummy

3.Buttons to wreaths, I have..If you have buttons like my mother does this wreath would make the perfect holiday gift for someone!
Crafts With Buttons

4.Burlap Roses
Here is a way to give flowers that will last all year, and fit any decor!
5. Have a little gift and make your own little envelope using up-cycled scrap paper for it... Tutorial here

6.Diy up-cycled Holiday cards---For a personal touch most people will adore a handmade card well over a store bought one. Honestly do we really even care that much about the card? I dunno, I get them and just don,t feel the warm fuzzies when someone picked one out of a sea of pre-made Hallamark cards...Handmade is the way to get through and showcase your skills!
 1. You can make you own paper from up-cycled paper: Tutorial
 **homemade paper is the best it has great texture and you will have people amazed at your paper making skills!  here is somemore great tutorials for handmade cards that will knock there socks off!! http://blog.practicallygreen.com/2011/12/how-to-make-a-handmade-card-and-why-it-matters/                                                                             

7.Pringles can Makeover!! So this inspired me, to share something that I had done once. You can
decorate the pringles can and dip the pringles in yummy bakers chocolate to make a sweet gift! Trust me cant go wrong with salty sweet!

More Christmas Gift Ideas!

Whoo-Hoo..If you do all those projects you should have plenty of holiday cheer, to hand out this year!!
I hope you enjoyed I will talk to you all soon!

Pretty up-cycled basket tutorial!!

Here is a my pretty up-cycled basket tutorial!
Below are the pictured instructions and text to follow as well, 
if you don't understand something or have questions please let me know I will
do my best to answer all questions!

Ok so I have seen a lot of these up-cycled plastic bags, where you fuse the plastic bags together with wax paper and an iron, my tutorial starts after the actual fusing of the plastic bags so here is a tutorial for that here if you need it!
So lets add our own flair!!

Here are the steps that follow the pics have fun :)
1. I have fused my bags together and made sure that the edges are straight, ( I dont have an actual size because it could vary with your plastice bag fusing), but you do need:
-2 pieces that are the same size for the sides of the bag
- 1 piece for the bottom that is the same lenght as the two side pieces but 
not as wide
2. measureing all sides to make sure the are even and matching up to one another
3.&4. I  am adding  lace to the sides
to give it some pretty flair and I am measuring the sides of the plastic bags 
5. I am measuring my lace to fit the sides of my bag and then cutting to match
6. Lets Sew!
7. using my pins to mark put together the sides and the bottom 
8. sew all sides together inside out
9. Flip bag out, and you have your self a cute little basket...add straps and you have a pretty little up-cycled bag!

I hope you enjoy all this tutorial I will be making more and I will update you on my newest upcycled bags!!
Have a great day,
<3 Shana
Check this out for more inspiraion

Short, Easy tutorial on Lighting setup for Etsy Pics......

Pictures are the heart and soul of the Etsy community, they are what your customer see's first before they decide to purchase your product. This makes the pictures the most important aspect of your Etsy store, ( or any other place you may sell) So how can you capture beautiful photos of your products? Well its Simple, if you understand a few things about taking photo's:
-First of composition is everything, make sure that your item is the center of attention and nothing else is overpowering it. When you look at your photo make sure that your eye is draw towards your product and not another part of the photo. 
-Light is KEY! you must have good lighting to have a great picture, try to use natural lighting, you can setup by a window or out side, just remember keep out of direct sunlight it will overexpose your photo I  Will show you my 3$ setup that works for me...

Lovely, huh I use Tracing paper to cover the window behind the item, and I put tin foil on a piece of cardboard to make a reflector. I adjust the reflector to add more or less light to the item. This set setup gives the items the perfect amount of light, for me. But always remember to experiment, the rules where made to be bent!
 -Last , but still extremely important, you need to need to understand your camera, take a picture of the same thing on different setting so you can see the difference, Learn to manually White balance your camera and also adjust the EV setting these two little settings can change your photography in a big way!!

Well that is it...Told you it was short and easy, you should be shooting awesome pics in no time!!
Let me know if this helped you at all!! comment with the your experience!!

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