My new Obsession...Handmade journals!

Well, I a have found a new obsession and it is handmade journals, it is so fun and I have attempted to make like 6 in a night, but a couple didn't work out, trial and error! well the ones that did work I LOVE!!! So I thought I would write about them a bit, they are completely up cycled from pop tart boxes and cereal boxes, the outside is up cycled tissue paper or packing paper that is painted with water colors, then I added a button to close the journals and stitched the spines! These are fun, and great for travel, and to buy similar at the store can run 30+ bucks, I am selling mine for 6.99+ $3 shipping, they make great gifts and I can personalize them too! I could only upload pics of my red journal because camera died but I will adding more later!

shana grant