Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Our Damn Selves!

So I wanted to talk about the reason to up cycle in a serious fashion, not persuade or the  preach, but to explain to others why I personally feel it is necessary for me. I watch a documentary last night  that brought into perspective something I new some about, but I didn't know some of these devastating facts!
Where to Start
We are disposable country, its not just America there are other countries that are the same but we are one of the top contributors to this! We easily just chunk something old for something new, we throw it away run to the store and buy new. We are also hoarders, we keep things that we don't use, in spaces we don't have and even sometimes buy storage for it, and will never access it! So, what does it all mean? Economically and logically we simply cant handle the waste or production for our human race. We our growing so rapidly and rate to consume is getting faster and faster, even with the times being bad, we still are consuming more than anytime in history! We are know having to make room and space to produce more goods for ourselves and then we are making room to put all the trash that will be thrown out when we buy the new items.
In the documentary, it said the world is finite and we keep taking and taking, and we are not taking care of the one place that we call home, instead we put our trust in money which grows more rapidly than real life. Because as where they can tear down the amazon and it will take thousands of years to grow back, we can invest the money taken from the amazon and make 30-40% in just a few short years, Money has no value, yet place all our faith and resources into it.
I don't me to rant about this but it is quite ridiculous how spoiled we really are and, I know that we are uset to having what we want even in the poorest of settings, but I think its time to stop acting like spoiled brats and take care of world, I am not personally up to living on mars!
I want to challenge anyone who reads this and made it short so its not a hard read, to quit buying and start utilizing what you have! Refashion, Reclaim, Remake the items that you arent using and turn it into something that could be using. For Example:
My children got all there homeschooling books yesterday, A LOT!!! I mean more than I imagine, Probably 100 books. So, I am thinking where in the hell am I going to put all these books, I already am limited on space? So, I looked at the 30 boxes that the books came in, and I made a pretty sweet shelf...
check these out...
So I asking people to take this challenge, climb into your attic or garage and get creative, start making stuff out of that junk that you keep around and do nothing with! I will be updating and letting you know what I am coming up with in my home! Post and comment on ideas and things you have found in your own home!!
Good Luck and I will talk to you soon!!

shana grant