5 new signs that will knock you socks off and make you smile!

I love making signs especially when they have a great story and meaning behind them, most all of the signs that I make do have a great meaning behind them and I love to tell it in the product description. I am going to show you my newest signs that have just hit my store along with the story that goes along with each of them ( don't worry I promise they are short:)

1. " Fearless me" 

Fearless me" Reclaimed rustic wooden sign
This is beautiful sign was created for a little girl, her mother had one word to describe her and that words was "fearless". She wanted something simple yet powerful and this sign says it all. This sign has been white washed and distressed the lettering is in a soft purple/pink. The font was handpicked to influence the readers perception on the word,it says whimsical and girly yet strong, a perfect pick for a young girl. Make your own fearless statement with this beautiful sign....Read more

2.The hand writings on the wall wooden sign,

The hand writings on the wall wooden sign, is a beautiful and classic wooden sign. 
This sign was made for a sister it is quote she loves to use " We don't see things as they are, We see things as we are." It features two hand picked fonts to show the importance of the key words in the quote. Using two or more fonts makes for a unique sign that can express more than just words. This custom wooden sign also features a black background and white hand painted lettering. Create a sign that will be the center of attention at your home, highlighting the emotion of your quote by using different fonts. Make this special sign yours today! ....Read more

3.The Headliner

The Headliner custom wooden sign is the perfect attention grabber for your home. 
This sign was made for a brides mother for her wedding. This was a special gift of the her mother's favorite quote that is" My cup runneth over". She liked the idea of neutral colors but wanted it to be bright and also grab someone's attention. We choose to mix it up and use the best of both worlds. This custom sign features a neutral cream colored background and bright red hand painted letters. This sign also features several hand picked fonts. Using two or more fonts makes for a unique sign that can express more than just words.  Create your own headliner sign today! ....read more

4."You make me feel"

This sign is uplifting and awe-inspiring reading the words makes you feel a little lighter. This sign was made for a little boy, this his favorite thing to say to his mother. She wanted to record this time in his life, so we collaborated and designed this sign. This sign has a distressed navy background with white paint coming through, it has white lettering in a variety of hand picked fonts. The multiple fonts makes the sign more interesting and makes it more fun to read! Get inspired today and make your own, "you make me feel," Sign!...Read more

5."Love Shack, baby!" Reclaimed rustic wooden sign

Love shack, baby rustic sign is a cute and perfect sign for anyone who wants to showcase special dates. This hand painted sign features 3 special dates in a hand picked font. The background is painted cream and the letters are painted a soft gray it has been heavily distressed. Make your own Love shack,baby special dates sign, today! Read more....

I hope you loved these hand painted signs as much as I loved making them! If you would like me to make you sign please feel free to contact me! rubbishlove22@gmail.com

The best place to get a home decor make over!

Where are you getting your home decor from?? 

Do you have the option to customize it?? 

Do you think it will be to pricey???

This is what Rubbishlove is all about!

RubbishLove is a one of kind shop. We specialize in customizing EVERYTHING( signs,furniture, home accents) , we think that everyone should have something that is one of kind not something that has been mass produced like everything else.
We also like to keep you in mind with our prices, you can get something customized from our shop for the same price( sometimes less) as if you went to the store and got it????
 HMMMMM...that is some food for thought...

So if you are already thinking about getting buying some new home decor, maybe think about it being customized from us!

Something else that is really cool about RubbishLove is that we have a team of craftsmen and designers now. We are fully prepared to take on any project, so BRING IT ON!

We are excited and ready to go, whatever the project is big or small feel confident that you have experts to get the job done!

So if you haven't already go check out our brand new website here: www.rubbishloveshoppe.com

If you like what you see please leave me some love, tweet, pin or fB me we are a growing business and would love your help:))

In loving memory signs..Sign made for loved ones who have departed on and the words that stay with us forever

I have recently been asked to do some new signs, these signs where for a woman who lost a dear friend to cancer, before the woman passed she left here loved ones a letter and this letter is what I painted onto here sign it says,

 " Always be good, kind and generous. And those qualities must be seamless. Pray and decide what you feel is right and true so that, when faced with adversity, you remain true to yourself and to what is right. It is easy to waver and to move toward selfishness when life gets hard. That is a test of faith, and love will always help you to find your way." ~Carrie in her letter to Matteo and Francesca

This sign was not the biggest or most elaborate

 sign I have painted but it has been so far one of the most meaningful. I painted these words on 6 signs,and after painting them I had memorized each line. When I had first read the letter I thought it was beautiful but after hours of being with it and painting it I realized how much truth that was in this last letter. I will forever remember and keep these words and even though this woman has passed on, her words will be in me and others who read this sign forever. 

This is one of the reasons I so enjoy what I do, words and thoughts are so IMPORTANT to me, I believe they are what shape and mold us and they make us who where are. We center our lives around words and thoughts  and people who are dear to us live on forever in our upholding of there thoughts and beliefs. 

I think it is absolutely incredible that words that where spoken thousands of years before still hold value and influence us in our lives today, it is part of our eternity here words and thoughts that NEVER die. 

I wanted to share with you all how much it meant to me and I wanted to encourage you all to keep close the words that inspire and influence you. Everything has a power and a force to it and words can make a life or break that is amazing! Choose your words, choose your thoughts and stay amazing!!

~Love ya'll, Shana

Rustic signs, pottery barn inspired signs, mason jar planters, Cut out letters, wooden letters

Hello everyone I hope you are enjoying your month of September so far. I wanted to share with you some of the new items I have been working on.
What have I been doing? Well I was given a project from a good customer of mine, she wanted the pottery barn inspired signs like this....

Well I just did a rustic pallet sign featured in this post..http://rubbishlove22.blogspot.com/2013/08/new-rubbishlove-itemsreclaimed-wood-tv.html

My customer wanted a mix of these signs and this what I came up with :

I can these the define a sibling rustic signs which will be listed in my store soon here: 

Also for this lovely customer we created a cut out wooden "T" for her son.

Last but not least one of new favorites and something you will find all over my own home is the Mason jar planter. These are new spin on an old design and I absolutely love them!! let me know what you think!

These are made from 160 year old base board from home here in Dayton, Ohio. 

All these items can be found in my store: www.rubbishloveshoppe.com

or if you have a custom project you would like me try contact me personally rubbishlove22@gmail.com

Thanks for stopping by, always remember to count your blessings and watch them multiply...

Love ~Shana

Back to business...where I have been??

Ok I started this blog almost a year ago and with high hopes to be one of the best in blogging. I do believe that is everyones goal but I do not like when I quit on something. So I started out great and I have truly slacked off, well here is my pledge to you all I am back with a vengeance because I want this blog to be amazing and I want it amazing for all of you who are reading it right now.
  So where have I been? Well honestly, working my butt off. My blog is suffering but business is growing and I have been painting signs and helping make mason jar chandeliers for the last 6 months. Anyone who has every ran a business knows how much work goes into this kind of lifestyle and it is not always roses being your own boss. You have to kick your own butt, there is no one there to do it other than the customers and that is something you just don't want. I feel like RubbishLove has not only grown as in business wise but smarter and more ethically. We have learned so much this past year and we used all that info to only make us better. We are still learning though, as we all should be still doing. So in a nutshell this is my comeback statement for all you readers that may have forgot me, I would have forgot me to: ) I am ready to do something and so I am!
Alright I hope you all enjoy the new look and the new vibe, I will talk to ya'll soon:))

Don't forget to everything like you mean it and enjoy every moment because now is all we really have.
Love ya,

Pallet wood signs, reclaimed signs....A sign for any occasion

Summer is nearly half way over and I can't believe it. I had high hopes to have more done with my house by now but at this point we have been flooded with orders and with it just being my husband and I working we have been very busy. But with all this I have been able to make some really cool signs and I wanted to be able to share them with you! I think my signs are evolving and there is much more I want to do and will be doing but for now here are some of my new signs fresh off the press!

I hope you enjoyed them! If you need a sign made please feel free to contact me, I would love to make you something!

FEATURED ITEM: Rustic Wedding sign

I have a couple of new signs that I have been dying to share with everyone, I have been so incredibly busy though so I am little late on this share. But tis the season for weddings, I love weddings and wedding decor as long as I'm designing.

I Love these rustic signs and I just love making. You can start designing your own wedding sign with me by going to www.rubbishloveshoppe.com. Choose your own color and fonts and make it your own! These also make wonderful wedding and anniversary gifts!

Hope you like them XOXO~Shana

Spring Diy Freshen up your home turn the old into the new!

Diy GLAM UP your flops!
I love this because I am flip flop girl and I will buy the cheap one because it is the only shoes I wear all summer, this great because when you got a wedding or event to you can grab those $2 flips flops and make them into something worth wearing with little summer dress! 

DIY Lace Curtain Chandelier
I know have been known to collect lace curtins, I dont want to hang them but I think there will be a really cool project eventully for me to use them on. But if you dont have any, go check out your local thrift shop and you will find an array of size and colors..and when you do check out this awesome DIY to freshen up your home this spring.

 Reclaimed window into rustic coffee-table
This is one of all time favorite tutorials, I have passion for old windows and I think they are beautiful.  I am even about making this and putting in our store.

Check out this beautiful Potting table from pallets
    Picture this! Turn old frames into cottage charm

 Light it up! 
This is so cute turn old books into a lamp with an edison bulb, you can get these lamp supplies for all under $1
Repurpose Old Books into a lamp, by Shabby Creek Cottage 

Diy String Chandeliers

Do you know that you can easily make a gorgeous twine chandeliers using balloons, glue, twine and some paint? Such lanterns would really awesome decorations as for indoors as for outdoors.


  • Balloons
  • Glue
  • Yarn
  • Tray for glue
  • 1/2 cup of Corn starch
  • 1/4 cup of Warm water
  • Clear fast drying spray paint
  • Hanging lamp cord
  • Lighting kit


  • Inflate the balloon.
  • If you’re looking to make a lampshade out of the string chandelier, use a sharpie to mark around the knot on the balloon.
  • Mix corn starch, glue and warm water together until it has a smooth texture.
  • Smear the vaseline all over your balloon until it is completely coated so th twine wet with glue won’t stick on the balloon after dry.
  • Feeding the yarn through the glue mix and wrap it around the balloon.
  • Start wrapping the balloon vertically, slowly changing to wrapping. For a seamless look, tuck the ends of the twine under one of the wrapped strings.
  • Repeat the procedure as many times as you need.
  • Wait 24 hours until the balloon has completely dried before popping balloons.
  • Spray the string chandeliers with clear fast drying spray paint.

Don't forget Mothers day is right around the corner and we have some awesome sales to celebrate!!!

-$8.00 Customizes mason jar tumblers

Buy one get one free Signs


That is all for now!! I will have some more up-cyled DIY in just a couple days!!
If you want to see more awesome tutorials and info on up-cycling you can 
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 I hope to talk to ya'll soon! Remeber if you need an idea on how to repurpose we dont mind helping you out and giving you some ideas just shoot us an email and we would be happy to help:)

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